I use the Spacerconsumer system that operates with our motion-control software.

It is able to run in a stand-alone mode using the on-board pre-programmed routines or it can be directly controlled with a Joystick for a very smooth manual control.

It is easy to set up both in studio and outdoor. Thanks to optional tools it can perform a wide range of different tasks.

The software supports very smooth dolly, pan/tilt and rotation moves for a full motion video, time-lapse, photospheres, stitched large format imaging and Object Movies.

With this system we can control more than four axes in order to achieve complex movements useful for additional applications in special effects photography such as HDRI (High Dynamic Range Imaging), time-lapse photography, and repeatable motion control.

The system is able to shoot 3D stereo images with an external tool that can accommodate multiple cameras for 3D projects.

Multiple Uses:

  1. automatic two-axis indexing and image capturing for creating spherical and cylindrical panoramas and four-axis time-lapse movies

  2. Programmable for unlimited number of key frame of pan, tilt, rotation and dolly

  3. Repeatable four-axis movements for creating a full-motion film or video

  4. Panorama in gigapixel resolution




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